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English Major

As an English major, you will become familiar with classical literary foundations as well as contemporary literary trends and literary criticism.  This major values the historical and evolving literature that speaks to generations of the enduring human spirit.  Choose one of two tracks in the English major:

  • English--a foundational major that prepares students for graduate or law school, or for many fields that require critical thinking and writing proficiency.
  • English with Secondary Education--leads to certification and provides practical experience in middle and high schools.


Communication Major

This major offers you various avenues to engage your creativity and hone your oral and written communication skills.  You will develop theoretical and practical skills and participate in valuable internships.  Choose one of three tracks within the Communication major:


Minors and Certificates

The English/Communication Department offers eight minors:


Students are encouraged to complete a minor either within the English/Communication Department or in another department. For example, a minor in Information Technology or Graphic Arts complements the Communication major. Likewise, English majors may want to complete a Communication or Public Relations minor. Students proficient in a foreign language would benefit from completing a minor in that language. Requirements for both English and Communication majors provide enough elective credits to complete a minor.   All minors require the completion of 18 credits. 

Students may also be interested in completing a certificate program. The English/Communication Department offers two certificates: Irish Studies and Professional Communication.







Professional Communication

Irish Studies

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