M.A. in Cultural & Linguistic Diversity (TESOL)

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Program Overview

Immaculata's Master of Arts in Cultural & Linguistic Diversity (CLD) prepares graduates to respond to the needs of a multicultural, rapidly changing population. In this 36-credit program, you will learn to develop strategies and programs for school and community settings while addressing the challenges involved in developing interdependence within cultural diversity.

The concentration in TESOL (teaching English to speakers of other languages) blends linguistic and ESL (English as a second language) coursework with practical experience.

You will learn:

  • the nature and variety of language in general and English in particular
  • the necessary interaction of language and culture
  • the nature of second language acquisition and second language assessment
  • the principles and practices of second language teaching methodology and cross-cultural knowledge and experience

Tuition and Costs

Please see the tuition and fees page for courses and related fees.


View the program course requirements.


The practicum (CLD 564) is a three-credit arrangement completed over a period of approximately 60 contact hours. You will practice teaching with assistance and supervision from school personnel and CLD faculty. You will be observed several times during the practicum, and you must submit written records about your experiences to the CLD faculty supervisor. Learn more about practicum requirements.

You may complete your practicum in a public or private school setting, at the K-12 level, in an adult education setting, in a university setting, or in other language training center sites, to be discussed with the CLD coordinator.

If you have recent ESL teaching experience in a regular classroom setting (not tutoring), with appropriate documentation and approval of the department chair, the requirement for the practicum may be waived.  However, you will still need 36 credits to complete the M.A., and you should choose another three-credit course in consultation with the department chair.

Admission Requirements

View a list of frequently asked questions about Immaculata's graduate programs, and the admission requirements for master's degree programs.

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