Practicum Procedures

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The following are some of the procedures before, during, and after your practicum experience.  

  1. Discuss with the CLD coordinator your eligibility for doing your practicum, depending on other coursework completed.
  2. Identify and discuss with the CLD coordinator a possible practice teaching situation.
  3. Submit a print, not electronic, copy of the application form to the CLD coordinator. This will be forwarded to the appropriate Immaculata supervisor.
  4. Register in the College of Graduate Studies for the practicum following the regular registration schedule for the semester or summer session concerned. This includes completing an independent study form. If an Immaculata supervisor has not yet been identified, make a note  that the CLD coordinator will finalize this.
  5. Finalize practicum arrangements and provide any additional contact information needed so the CLD coordinator or supervisor can officially confirm the practicum arrangements with the on-site supervisor.
  6. Print the on-site supervisor forms and give a copy to your supervisor: Supervisor Form - Summary and Supervisor Worksheet.
  7. Arrange observation times with your Immaculata supervisor: at least two observations, preferably at times spread out across your practicum teaching period. The Immaculata supervisor will provide you with written feedback after each observation. As time permits, it is best if there is time immediately after the observation for a follow-up discussion. This is then documented in writing by the Immaculata supervisor.
  8. Remind your on-site supervisor to submit the Supervisor Form  -Summary by mail to the Immaculata supervisor.
  9. Submit your reflections report to your Immaculata supervisor.

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