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Your practicum experience is documented in the following ways:

  1. Supervisor Form-Summary (by on-site supervisor)
  2. Written observations of at least two observation visits done by your Immaculata supervisor
  3. Reflections report by you on your practicum experience. All three reports should be submitted in order for a grade to be submitted by your Immaculata supervisor.

Your on-site supervisor should be willing to be available to you on a regular basis as you do your planning and teaching. At the end of the practicum, the on-site supervisor submits the Supervisor Form-Summary. (The Supervisor Worksheet is provided to assist the on-site supervisor in compiling his/her observations.)  

The purpose of the Immaculata supervisor's visit is to become familiar with the practicum classroom context, provide supportive feedback, and discuss problems that you or the Immaculata supervisor might identify during the visit, and possible solutions. You are encouraged to respond in person and in writing to any observations the Immaculata supervisor makes, if you wish. Since the Immaculata supervisor does not visit on a regular and frequent basis, the observations cannot provide the more in-depth assessment that the on-site supervisor can provide.

In addition to the observations, the Immaculata supervisor is available to discuss (by e-mail or phone) any additional concerns you may have about your practicum situation. Please arrange, if possible, for the Immaculata supervisor to meet once briefly with your on-site supervisor to thank the supervisor for his/her support of the practicum arrangement.  

You are also expected to submit a written report reflecting on your practicum experience, about 1-2 pages, typed, unless you feel the need for more extensive reflections. It is assumed that during your practicum teaching period you are making notes on your lesson plans about what did and did not work and about challenges you have faced and things you have learned. These notes will help you organize your ideas in your final reflections report. This final reflections report should not simply be an ongoing journal.

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