Students practice teaching with assistance and supervision from school personnel and CLD faculty. Student teachers are observed several times during the practicum, and they must submit written records about their experiences to the CLD faculty supervisor.  The practicum experience may be done in a public or private school setting, at the K-12 level, in an adult education setting, in a university setting, or in other language training center sites, to be discussed with the CLD coordinator.

The practicum is done in a regularly scheduled classroom setting (not as an individual tutorial). It may be done in a team-teaching or shared arrangement with an experienced ESL instructor or done under the supervision of an experienced ESL instructor at the educational institution of the on-site supervisor.

You are encouraged to identify a site that is convenient for you at a level and age that interests you; however, if you need help in this initial stage, please consult the CLD coordinator.   Since the practicum is an opportunity for you to apply the knowledge and skills you've developed in CLD courses, generally the practicum is done as the last course requirement (but before the comprehensive exams for M.A. candidates). Any variations in this must be approved by the CLD coordinator.  

The Immaculata CLD practicum supervisor may vary depending on specific scheduling and location considerations and your particular preferences. The CLD coordinator, in consultation with CLD faculty members and you, will approve the final assignment of the Immaculata supervisor.

For the M.A. in CLD, the practicum (CLD 564 or CLD 552) is a three-credit arrangement done over a period of about 60 contact hours. For the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) ESL Program Specialist Certificate, the practicum consists of two components:

  1. A two-credit variation of CLD 564 done over a period of 45 contact hours
  2. A one-credit course, CLD 545 ELL Assessment.

If a candidate completes the PDE ESL Program Specialist Certificate and then applies for the M.A. in CLD, the Program Specialist practicum is accepted for the M.A. in CLD.

If a candidate has recent, previous English as a second/foreign language teaching experience in a regular classroom setting (not tutoring), with appropriate documentation and approval of the department chair, the requirement for the practicum for the M.A. in CLD may be waived.  Such a waiver does not reduce the total number of credits (36) required.  The candidate still needs to take a three-credit course relevant to the CLD Program.  Identification of such a course is done in consultation with and approval by the department chair.

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