Master of Arts in Cultural & Linguistic Diversity (Bilingual Studies)

This program in bilingual studies will prepare graduates for numerous career opportunities in both school and community services involving the Spanish-speaking and Asian populations. Students in bilingual studies are tested for competence in language. They must attain a professional level of proficiency. Students who are dominant in a language other than English must validate proficiency per advisement. Students who fail to acquire the desired level of professional proficiency must take compensatory courses in language.

Requirements (36 credits)

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Course Name

Updated: February 2013

Core Requirements (9 credits)

GEN 501 or
GEN 505  
Human Development -OR-
Adult Human Development (required)
GEN 502 Methods of Research (required)
GEN 503 Interpersonal Relations (required)
GEN 600 Comprehensive Examination (required, no credits)

Required Courses (24 credits)

CLD 546 or
CLD 503
Multicultural Multilingual Issues in Education -OR-
Issues in Contemporary Culture of the United States 
CLD 506 Cultures of the Caribbean, Latin America, or Asia
CLD 522 Introduction to Linguistics
CLD 524 Sociolinguistics
CLD 530 or
CLD 560
Theory and Practice of Bilingual Education -OR-
Second Language Acquisition
CLD 534 Teaching English as a Second Language
CLD 544 Curriculum and Materials Development
CLD 552 Practicum in Multicultural Studies
CLD 599 Comprehensive Examination (required, no credits)

Elective Courses (3 credits)

CLD 507 Topics in the Literature of Latin America or Asia
CLD 528 Foreign Language Composition and Grammar
CLD 529 Foreign Language Conversation
CLD 536 Reading/Writing in the ESL Classroom
PSYC 640 Multicultural Counseling
  Other with approval of program coordinator

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