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Course Delivery

  • Accelerated—You will meet with your class one evening per week for four hours, and courses run for seven or eight weeks.
  • Hybrid—Your class will include both face-to-face classroom meetings and online requirements.
  • Online—Experience the flexibility of a fully online, accelerated course.
  • Online Synchronous—Participate in an online course that requires regular interactions in real time among students and an instructor.
  • Traditional—Take a 15-week class on Immaculata's campus.


Program Delivery

  • Accelerated—Design a customized schedule that involves both classroom and online courses in a cohort-based model. You can generally complete the requirements for your major in two years. Additional time may be required to fulfill liberal arts and elective requirements.
  • Hybrid—Your program will include both face-to-face and online classes.
  • Off-campus—Choose a program offered at a site near where you work or live. Immaculata offers a number of programs at off-campus locations throughout southeastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey.
  • Online—All required courses are available online. Undergraduate degree-completion programs allow you to transfer previously earned introductory-level credits and then finish your degree through all-online courses.
  • Self-paced—Take as many as 18 credits per semester or as few as one. Mix and match face-to-face courses, day and evening courses, online courses, and accelerated courses.
  • Traditional—Study full time, taking 15-week, on-campus classes offered primarily during the day.


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