College of Undergraduate Studies

Honors Program Requirements

Immaculata Honors Program

The Honors Program requires you to complete 21 credits, which you can earn in three years or extend into a fourth year. You may also earn honors credits through study abroad experiences, leadership demonstrated through extended service learning or service projects, or an online Honors Summer Reading Program.

Your individual scheduling needs and the classes available each semester may vary the sequence of the following courses:

First year

  • FYE 110: Honors Keystone Seminar
  • English 117: Honors Composition and Rhetoric
  • One honors course, which fulfills a requirement for the liberal arts core

Second year

  • Another liberal arts honors course
  • HON 400: Independent Honors Research or guided research within the liberal arts core or within a course required for your major

Third year

  • An extended research project (three to six credits). Having experience conducting extended research is often helpful in preparing to apply to graduate or professional programs.
  • HON 401: Honors Colloquium 

Fourth year

  • Optional off-campus study programs
  • If you have completed the requirements for the Honors Program, you may continue to take additional honors courses.



  • The Honors Committee awards certificates of achievement.
  • All honors courses are identified on student transcripts.
  • The Commencement program indicates seniors who participated in the Honors Program.
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