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As part of the orientation and facilitative method programs, the Office of Curriculum Development and Support does its best to support new adjunct instructors in ACCEL® by ensuring they have completed the proper employment paperwork and by providing them with access to information that will help them better understand the services available to them at Immaculata University.  

Employment forms

(for potential ACCEL® instructors who have been interviewed and approved by the appropriate academic department 

  • Department Checklist First-time instructors will need to have completed the paperwork as outlined in this document before they begin teaching for Immaculata University. Some of the forms referenced in this sheet are made available on this page.
  • I-9 (Employment Eligibility Form)*
    *Documentation required in Section II of this form must be witnessed by an authorized Immaculata University employee.
  • W-4 form
  • Adjunct Faculty E-mail and Network Login Form Required for all faculty and necessary for accessing library online resources. After your request has been submitted and processed, refer to these instructions for using your e-mail and network login.
  • Local Services Tax - Exemption Certificate For instructors who are employed elsewhere in Chester County and who are already assessed the Local Services Tax (LST), this exemption form will prevent the charging of the LST against IU stipend payments.


Additional Information

  • Guide to Online Resources The online resources guide walks adjunct instructors through the steps for accessing library resources.
  • Additional forms - such as those regarding campus parking or direct deposit requests - are available by contacting the Office of Curriculum Development and Support.


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