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Differences in the Adult Classroom

Adult students bring to the classroom a greater hunger for knowledge, more life experience, and a much stronger learning curve than traditional undergraduates. This uniqueness requires a different approach—a facilitative view of things—where:

  • The learning is problem-centered, experiential, applied, and useful.
  • The learning is student-centered instead of teacher-centered.
  • Learners are actively engaged and grappling with the content.
  • Work is meaningful, significant, and immediately applicable.
  • The student’s experience is a rich resource for learning.
  • The teacher can assume readiness to learn by student's voluntary readiness.
  • The relationship between student and teacher is one of mutual respect; both authority and responsibility are shared.


What Is the Facilitative Method Workshop?

The "Teaching in the Facilitative Method" workshop addresses issues specific to Immaculata’s ACCEL® programs and faculty responsibilities. Attendance at a workshop is compulsory for faculty wishing to teach in the program.

In the workshop, participants explore:

  • What constitutes learning and how adult students learn
  • Personal learning preferences and how they inform teaching practices
  • An investigation of the learning theory behind curriculum design for adult learners
  • An assessment of teaching values and insights into individual teaching styles
  • Many ideas to stimulate thinking and creativity and a variety of methods for encouraging learner participation

Adults appreciate teachers who understand who they are, what they need, and how best to guide them. This workshop helps ensure facilitators are well prepared to meet these expectations. The four-hour workshop sessions are scheduled throughout the year on Saturday mornings. Workshop participants meet on campus in the Faculty Center Lounge. See a current schedule of workshops. Registrants will receive an e-mail confirmation upon submitting their registration. Directions to campus are available through the campus map.

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