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Faculty Network and E-mail Access Instructions

Follow the instructions below after you have completed and submitted to your department chair the Adjunct Faculty Network Login/E-mail Request Form.


Network Login

You need this login whenever you wish to use campus computers or when you want to search the Gabriele Library databases and access full-text articles on or off campus.

  • You will be prompted to enter your "domain" from a drop-down menu: your domain is “Academia”
  • Your network login name will be: firstinitial + lastname, lowercase, no spaces (ex: jsmith)
  • Password for network login is your birthdate in the 6-digit format of mmddyy (ex. 081965)


E-mail Login

Immaculata’s e-mail portal – MyIU – allows you access to your Immaculata e-mail account as well as connections to campus events, information, and announcements.  Eventually, this e-mail access will be required for faculty access to class lists and grade sheets.



  • Your MyIU password is normally your birthdate in the format of mmddyy.  Once you log in, you may wish to change your password using the "My Account" link. E-mail is viewed in the center of the MyIU tab.
  • Once in MyIU, you may wish to set the preference to save sent items in the Sent folder. Click the e-mail icon (it looks like an envelope) at the top right of the screen; in the new window, click on the “Option” tab. Click “Message Preferences” and check the box saying “Send a copy of all messages to 'Sent Items' folder.”

PLEASE NOTE: The MyIU portal is a new tool for the Immaculata University community.  If you have any problems or questions regarding your account, you should contact the Office of Technology Services help desk (at either 610-647-4400, ext. 1234, or helpdesk@immaculata.edu).




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