Curriculum Development and Support

While serving the Immaculata University community in researching new curriculum, the Office of Curriculum Development and Support (CDS) has a special commitment to the College of LifeLong Learning's accelerated programs. Curriculum Development and Support


CDS Mission

Our office mission encapsulates what we do and how we serve the University community: The Office of Curriculum Development and Support is committed to serving as a resource for the University's academic support, particularly in attending to the needs of the module-based and online accelerated programs, providing assistance in developing new academic ventures, supporting academic learning assessment across campus, and offering training to adjunct instructors and curriculum developers.

CDS Office Services

The Office of Curriculum Development and Support provides a number of services to the Immaculata University community, including:

  • Oversight of development and editing of accelerated program curriculum
  • Assistance with the development of IU Online course curriculum
  • Support for self-studies and other new program development processes
  • Training programs for adjunct instructors in the accelerated programs
  • Maintenance of a resource site for all College of LifeLong Learning instructors
  • Support and guidance with academic assessment initiatives across campus

CDS Office Locations

The CDS staff are located in three locations across the Villa Maria/Lourdes complex:  on the second floor of Lourdes Hall (room 213), on the second floor of Villa Maria Hall (Room 216), and on the first floor of Villa Maria (Room 122). The CDS offices provide service weekdays during regular business hours.

Please search this site for more information about our accelerated adjunct faculty (orientation and teaching) workshops and for additional resources.

Contact Information

Office of Curriculum Development and Support, Immaculata University Immaculata, PA 19345-0664. 610-647-4400, ext. 3062, 3187, or 3033. FAX: 610-251-1668

Immaculata University | 1145 King Road, Immaculata, PA. 19345 | p. 610-647-4400 or call toll-free: 1-877-42 TODAY
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