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Academic Accommodations

What are Academic Accommodations?

Academic accommodation as required by law is not meant to diminish academic standards. It is intended to create an opportunity for students with disabilities to learn and for professors to evaluate fairly. Students with disabilities expect access and opportunities, not alterations in academic expectations. Academic requirements and course objectives should remain unchanged. Modifications may need to be made in the way a student receives information or demonstrates knowledge but not in the academic proficiency standards.

In accordance with Immaculata University’s policies and procedures, the University's non-discrimination policy, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 as amended, and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, Immaculata University prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability and provides reasonable accommodations to eligible staff, faculty, and students unless doing so will impose an undue hardship on the University.

Although it is the duty of the University to provide reasonable accommodations, it is the responsibility of the person with the need to request a reasonable accommodation in a realistic time frame. Please email or call 484-323-3900 for more information regarding accommodations for the College of Undergraduate Studies (CUS).

Students and families with a documented disability should review the Immaculata University Handbook for Academic Accommodations


Online Intake Form for New Students

All students requesting academic accommodations are required to first complete the Online Intake Form. The Intake Form MUST be completed by the student requesting accommodations. Parents and/or guardians are encouraged to send general questions to


Online Intake Form for Returning Students

Returning students are required to complete this form in order to receive an updated Letter of Accommodations.  Please send any questions to


Examples of Reasonable Academic Accommodations

Student Responsibilities, Timeline, and Documentation Guidelines

Academic Success Center
1145 King Road

Villa Maria 18

Immaculata, PA 19345

office: 484-323-3900
fax: 610-647-7073


Differences Between High School and College Accommodations

High School


Laws: Laws:
  • IDEA
  • Sections 504


  • ADA of 1990
  • ADA Amendment Act of 2008
  • Sections 504
Documentation: Documentation:
  • IEP
  • School provides evaluation.
  • IEP may not be sufficient documentation.
  • Students provide evaluation at their own expense from outside source.
Parental Access: Parental Access:
  • Parents receive grades and academic reports.
  • Parents do not have access to student records without consent from student.
Student Role: Student Role:
  • Students identified by school and/or parents.
  • Students must self-identify with the Academic Success Center and are responsible for their own accommodations.
  • For best results, students are encouraged to reach out to the ASC via the Online Form for New Students prior to the beginning of the semester.
Role of Support Services: Role of Support Services:
  • School is responsible for identifying student, supplying services, and making accommodations.
  • School is responsible for providing services to students who self-identify as having a documented disability after review of materials and an in-person meeting.
Role of Teacher: Role of Instructor:
  • Teacher is responsible for making sure student has the proper accommodations.
  • Students must provide Letter of Accommodations to course instructor at the start of each semester.  This Letter of Accommodations is issued by the Academic Success Center after the student completes the approval process.  Students must notify the instructors of when and how they plan to utilize the approved accommodations.


For additional information, please email:

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