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Some students are required by the federal government to document financial circumstances with the Immaculata University Financial Aid Office. This process, called verification, is required by the federal government to confirm the data submitted on the FAFSA or to confirm students' eligibility to receive financial aid. Students may be selected for verification either by the U.S. Department of Education or by the University’s Financial Aid Office.

Only students selected for verification need to complete this step. If you are selected for verification, funds will not be disbursed until the process is complete. Immaculata University will request information in writing from the student upon notification from the federal government. Failure to fully submit requested information after three notifications will result in the cancellation of all federal, state, and University need-based funds. Any changes to aid eligibility as a result of the completion of the verification process will be communicated to the students in writing reflecting the changes/updates made to the FAFSA information, and changes/updates to the financial aid awards. If the student owes a repayment as a result of the changes, the financial aid award(s) will be adjusted and the student will be billed for any balance due to the University as a result.

What To Do

You will receive a letter from Immaculata if you are selected for verification. The letter will contain a verification form and instructions on how to submit the appropriate documents. You can also monitor outstanding requirements and your status via your SSIU online account.
If you are selected for verification, download and complete the current academic year verification worksheet. Some of the additional requirements may include:
  • Copies of tax transcript
  • Documentation of independent student status
  • Documentation of citizenship
  • Selective Service registration — Males born after July 1960 must register with Selective Service to receive financial aid.
  • Verification of Social Security number — If you have changed your name, be sure to notify the Social Security Administration, or aid cannot be disbursed.
  • Veterans may need to verify their status in order to receive aid.
  • Students who are convicted of a drug offense may be ineligible for financial aid. For details, contact the federal government at 1-800-433-3243.


  • Do not submit any information until Immaculata requests it.
  • If you are a new student, the verification letter will be mailed to your home address; if you are a current student, the letter will be mailed to your current mailing/local address on file in your SSIU online account.

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